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Tapes of Joe and Charlie, the Big Book, AA history including the Oxford Group, the Four Absolutes, and conference approved literature. A place of sharing and discussion of first 164 pp. etc. Not a place to bash AA or others you feel are not doing it the "right way". But polite venting might be ok. RSS Feed what is XML?

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The Passing of Charlie P.  topic
Joe & Charlie  topic
Joe and charlie BB worksheets  topic
Most helpful line in the big book  topic
The Myth of the "First 100"  topic
tapes  topic
Good Oldtimer  topic
my healing tribe art project needs your comments  topic
spiritual experience, God, and pink clouds  topic
Boating Safety poster  photo flag
Hello, Im john and Im an Alcoholic - Same old s...  topic
Dr. Silkworth Birthday Celebration,  topic
Quotes  review
Retail Therapy  review
***** This...  review
introductions  topic
some fun and interesting reading  topic
10 years and a story  topic
hey it's me again  topic
this line:  topic
the basic text  photo flag
(image posted 09/23)  photo flag
the tapes online  topic
hey all  topic
new guy, not so new  topic

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